Sneak Peek!

I’m working on a fourth short story for Amelia’s book and I’m very excited about it. It’s about how science is about helping each other and working together toward a solution.

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Open Mic Prep

I’m planning to have some stuff on display at open mic night at Questor’s Way. It’s the first Friday in July from 7-9. I’m putting some things in frames and some more in a look book, I’ve also ordered business cards to have on the table. It was interesting going back in the archives, so […]


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Plugging Along

I’m having a hard time keeping up with the Facebook posts but I’m doing it. I’m thinking I might make a compilation of the drawings I’ve done of various spacecraft to visit the sun and planets for another book. Should probably wait to publish the first book but oh well, it’s on my mind. Sneak […]

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Shadowbox Progress

I’m making a few shadowboxes which will be for sale eventually. He’s the progress so far for my first one. I’m pretty happy with it. The lump in the corner will be her spaceship eventually.

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I’ve started a facebook page for Amelia which is going well so far. If you’re interested in seeing Amelia and also learning some things about space, look up Amelia the Astronaut 🙂

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