Process Video!

So I think this is where I’ll put videos for Patreon since I can’t actually put videos in my posts there…. I really like how this one turned out, hope you do too!

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It’s been quite a while and so much has happened! The book’s been released, we had a release party at Questers’ Way which went swimmingly, I’ve been selling books myself to family and friends, and I’ve just started a Patreon to get some extra money coming in. Whew! I’m going to try to keep up […]


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OMG It’s Time!

The Adventures of Amelia the Astronaut is officially available for pre-order on Amazon!! Right now it’s just the ebook, but by the release date (April 9) the print version will be availble as well. I am so excited and nervous but the people I know have been so encouraging and helpful in getting the word […]

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Taking a Break

My eyes are getting buggy from all this computer editing, so I took a break with some good ol’fashioned pen and paper Amelia. Trying a new marker paper that I definitely like. It’s much easier to blend on which is nice, and it’s not bleeding through to the next page which I’m surprised about given […]

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More Editing…

So much editing… But we’re getting there! Just one story left to edit (the one with the aliens from my last post) before all the illustrations are done! Then on to the letters in between, which are all written, just need to be formatted, basically. The phrase of the day is “so close, but so […]

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Snow Day

What better way to spend a snow day than with the cat and my favorite little girl? Editing may take longer than I anticipated but we’ll see. Still shooting for spring. Maybe *late* spring…

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Decided I was just not happy with these guys so I’m redoing them. The plan is to scan them into the computer and add them digitally to the panels I already have. There’s a whole other page of these to do so we’re not there yet. After this there is basically no illustration left to […]

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So Close!

I am so close to getting Amelia’s book finished, and in this page Amelia is so close to escaping this alien ship! I am particularly happy with the second to last panel, the larger floor section makes the panel feel more squished as cat is squeezing into his helmet. And all that was completely planned […]

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Book Plans!

Okay, not a lot been going on here the past few months, and there are legitimate reasons for that but it’s time to get back in gear! Hoping for a book release “Spring 2019.” So exciting! I’m planning to work through Kindle Direct Press to compile, print, and market everything; so it’ll be available as […]

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