Tomorrow starts my version of NaNoWriMo. 50 panels in 30 days. They only count if they are *finished*, entirely colored, lined, and backgrounded. If I succeed I will finish this story and then some by the end of the month. Go team!  

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Funky Panels! 

I really like this transition. Hopefully I will still like it when it’s done, ha! Amelia’s heat sheild is a concept I really like. It opens a conversation about thermodynamics without being super pedantic and keeping things in a fun sci-fi realm. I do wonder if I’ll want different editions for different informational pages. For […]


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Incoming! Pt2

Gravity is a wonderful thing when you’re trying to get closer to a planet, but it’s also a harsh mistress, as we’ll see later on. Green paper aquired for planet-side story! 

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Well, I Lied

Turns out I really can’t stand trying to do all this on the computer, my drawings were a good size so I went back to my trusty x-acto knife. Guess I’m just too tactile for my own good. I think it came out pretty good. I really like the trail left by the little guy […]

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Spoiler alert: Amelia’s getting a spaceship in this adventure! Very exciting. Can you tell I just carry this thing around in my pocket until it’s done? I might start actually drawing today though I need different paper for the majority of it. The planet she’s on has a green tinted atmosphere, so, green paper. Which […]

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To Adventure! 

And she’s off! Origin story complete, now Amelia can go on all her fun adventures! Here she is going through the wormhole/portal that will bring her to new places. The background stars are something I go back and forth on but in this case they’re perfect if only because the stars are a little bit […]

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